Neck pain. Back pain. Leg pain from sciatica. Joint and muscle soreness. Lack of energy. Fatigue. Tingling feet. Thousands of people in Dallas, Plano, Carrollton, and Frisco function with these symptoms, but don’t feel like they’re really living.

Help is entirely within reach, without surgery and without pharmaceutical medicine. Apex Physical Medicine PA believes in treating the root causes of problems, which deal with and typically eliminate the symptoms. Quality of life is renewed. Energy and vitality are restored.

Apex Physical Medicine uses chiropractic care combined with alternative medicine to work with people who want their lives to be more productive and enjoyable at home and at work. Apex Physical Medicine combines new technologies with practical solutions to treat conditions such as sciatica, type 2 diabetes, neuropathy, hypothyroid and neck and back pain.


Making your pain go away

  • Spinal decompression gently relieves neck, back, sciatica and leg pain.
  • High-powered laser therapy rebuilds the tingling nerves in extremities from neuropathy.
  • Non-steroid injections target painful joints or trigger points – balls of muscle that form typically as a result of overuse or injury.
  • Massages provide a multitude of health benefits, in addition to relieving pain.


Feeling better without type 2 diabetes or thyroid problems

  • Alternative healthcare treatments can be keys to life changes for people who battle with weight, feel depressed, or lack the energy for a full day. We offer a customized non-pharmaceutical approach with the goal of helping you feel 100% better.


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Russell Skinner MD is our Medical Director.